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Get Proactive and Focused Cyber Defense with Comcast Business Cybersecurity Services

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and present a tough challenge to businesses. Defend your business with Comcast’s next-gen Cybersecurity Services.

Comcast Managed Security Services

Network security is a top strategic priority for today’s enterprise. Therefore, Comcast Managed Security services take a holistic view of cyber defense to help your business establish a strong security foundation.
You can increase the productivity of your internal IT staff by offloading repetitive tasks. Comcast’s advanced lineup of Managed Security services will protect your network, giving your staffthe freedom to focus on core tasks.

Managed Security services are part of a wider set of Managed Services offerings. Visitthe Comcast Enterprise Managed Services

Comcast Business SecurityEdge™

Your business uses many devices that are constantly connected to the Internet. Employees and guests connectto the Internet using their smartphones,tablets, wearable devices, smartIoT devices, and more. Each connected device can become a potential weak pointin your cyber defense strategy.
SecurityEdgeTM protects your endpoint devices from phishing attacks, ransomware, and other damaging malware.

Comcast Business SecurityEdge™ Features

Comcast Business is Helping to Secure the Hyper-Connected Digital Enterprise

Modern IT ecosystems are complex and interconnected. A constant exchange of information takes place across the cloud, multiple servers, networks, applications, and other endpoint devices. Every single one of these assets is a potentialtargetfor malicious attacks. Cyber threats are also evolving rapidly, as attackers improvise new methods. Enterprises have to establish a strong cyber defense foundation to protectthemselves and their customers.

Comcast Business Cybersecurity Services offers a suite of sophisticated solutions. These services are software-defined and powered by the cloud. Comcast helps protect your network, data, and connected hardware with advanced solutions that are easy to customize. Secure your assets and deliver the best customer experience with Comcast Business

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DDoS Mitigation

IProtect your business from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. The real-time threat monitoring and detection will disrupt potential DDoS attacks. Malicious traffic is identified and blocked, while clean traffic is forwarded to the right destination. This helps maximize your network uptime and avoids costly delays.

Comcast helps you mitigate DDoS attacks, maintain network uptime, and continue business operations.

Comcast DDoS Mitigation Process

Comcast uses a proven method to route clean traffic to the correct devices.

  • Detection: Specific IP addresses are monitored. If a suspicious traffic signature is detected and identified as an attack, you receive an alert.
  • Drop: Initial defense tactic is to drop or rate-limit suspicious requests.
  • Diversion: Layer 7 traffic is diverted to scrubbing centers by making a BGP route change.
  • Delivery: Verified and clean traffic is delivered to the correct network endpointthrough a secure tunnel.

Comcast DDoS Mitigation Service Features

Helping your business navigate the cyberthreat landscape

Business systems and services that communicate externally are a weak link for cybersecurity. Malicious actors aggressively targetthese systems and connected devices. As IT ecosystems become more interconnected, such weak points are bound to increase. Securing the network perimeter helps protect your business against both external and internalthreats.

Comcast operates one ofthe largest converged networks in the country.
Millions of endpoints, services, and systems communicate with each other and have to be secured. As a result, Comcast understands the cyberthreat landscape and will help your enterprise navigate the complexities.