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Comcast Enterprise Data Networking Solution

Step into the era of hyper-connectivity with Comcast's data networking solutions. Choose from a range of versatile high-performing services that link your physical locations, mobile networks, cloud services, and also help you connect your business to the Internet.

Comcast Solutions: Connecting Businesses with Secure, Highly Available Networks

Data connectivity drives almost all core business operations in large enterprises. Reliable networking solutions can help optimize your business. Comcast solutions can support all business networking needs, including, access to dedicated connections, backup/storage, data recovery, and VoIP.
Get everything you need to optimize your business operations and communications

Powerful data connectivity solutions for the modern business

Comcast’s data networking solutions are designed to meet the demands of today’s hyper-connected world. Get fast, flexible connectivity that suits your requirements. Multiple services are available, including dedicated Ethernet, broadband, with flexible wavelength options.

Comcast Data Connectivity Services

Ethernet Network Services

Comcast Network Services are designed to handle the needs of data-intensive traffic. Link business locations using a high-performance network. Ethernet network services can increase your overall organization efficiency by:

  • Transmitting data over a low-latency Wide Area Network (WAN), essentially enhancing application performance to match the speeds of a Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Allowing quick scaling of network capacity from a range of 2 Gbps-100Gbps.
  • Simplifying VLAN setup by eliminating the need to coordinate with Comcast.
  • Guaranteeing network availability by connecting all business locations with redundant links.

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Ethernet Dedicated Internet

Rapidly growing businesses face an increased network traffic load. Ethernet Dedicated Internet is an effective way to boost network robustness and speed.

  • Comcast uses a private virtual Ethernet link to connect your LAN directly to their powerful Point of Presence (POP) Internet router.
  • Available bandwidth speeds range from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps, allowing your network to easily scale up when demand increases.
  • Ideal connectivity that helps optimize the performance of your cloud-based applications.
  • Symmetrical speeds enable you to take advantage of equal upload/download speeds.

Ethernet Private Line

Ethernet Private Line helps your business run bandwidth-hungry applications over a reliable, secure connection. The connectivity links two business sites using a robust, high-bandwidth link. This technology replaces legacy packet transfer methods (such as Frame Relay) and also solves problems of traditional TDM (time-division multiplexing) private lines.

  • Perfect for handling data transmission of core business applications
  • Class of Service lets you prioritize data transmission of important applications
  • Sensitive business data travels over secured EPL lines instead of the public Internet
  • Ideal for latency-sensitive applications that communicate with data centers
Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Link multiple locations using Comcast’s high-performance, affordable, and reliable Ethernet Virtual Private connection.

  • Multipoint, flexible connectivity for multiple business sites
  • Capable of supporting Service Multiplexed User Network Interfaces (UNI)
  • Implements a single physical link to all Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)
  • Completely replaces TDM Private Lines, IP VPNs, and ATM Layer 2 VPNs
Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Business Internet

Comcast provides your business reliable connectivity required to smoothly run operations and serve customers.

  • Easier scalability options to enhance communications
  • Connect remote sites, branches, stores, and franchise locations
  • Streamline information flow and business processes
  • Maintain a static IP for every workstation
  • Get download speeds up to 50 Mbps and upload speeds up to 10 Mbps
  • Includes NAT-based firewall and Norton™ Internet Security Online
  • Receive priority support with business-class support representatives and a dedicated Account Manager

Cell Backhaul Solutions (Single-Tier and Two-Tier)

Meet the demands of the modern 4G mobile landscape with Comcast Cell Backhaul solutions.

  • Get higher bandwidth to meet growing mobile traffic demands.
  • Reach more customers and keep costs under control
  • Accommodate increased demand from 4G networks
  • Select from Single-Tier or Two-Tier options


Link your business networks with cloud services using a dedicated connection. Direct2Cloud is a reliable and secure connection that helps you leverage the power of the cloud without any hassle. Comcast has also partnered with major cloud service providers, which makes Direct2Cloud an effective way to optimize cloud connectivity.