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Comcast Business Managed Services

Custom-built, agile solutions to help achieve business goals

Managed WiFi for Businesses

Modern customers expect business locations to be technology-centric hubs. Reliable and secure WiFi is a core service for your place of business and will help improve customer engagement.

However, managing a private WiFi network requires substantial effort and time. Failing to do so negatively impacts the customer experience. Comcast experts can help remedy this with Managed WiFi services.

Fully custom WiFi solutions are also available: The custom option lets customers select an equipment vendor of their choice. In this case, the specific features of the service depend on the type of vendor and hardware selected.

Comcast Managed Services Offerings

Managed Voice

Comcast Managed Voice is an end-to-end voice communication solution for businesses. Specialized experts will advise, design, install, configure, and maintain your telephony services. A single provider managing your voice solutions will result in consistently reliable performance. Empower your employees and move towards a digital-centric customer communication model with Comcast.

  • Built on advanced VoIP technology
  • A single partner for technical support and billing
  • Uniformity of service across disparate locations
  • All equipment needs are covered
  • Supports multiple types of phone models

Next-Gen Solutions Designed to Simplify Business Operations

Comcast Business provides access to the expertise and resources you need to achieve strategic goals.

Managed Business Continuity

Comcast offers redundant connections to ensure your business remains up and running in case of power failures, natural disasters, cyberattacks, or any other untoward incident.

Network downtime impacts your revenue and productivity, backup connections are an ideal way to minimize risks. With Comcast Managed Business Continuity your network traffic, including business-critical applications will switch over to the redundant connection. Experience the peace of mind of having a truly resilient data network.

Cellular Data

A secondary cellular link functions as a backup in case of a network outage. Your network traffic is routed to this backup link to prevent downtime. When combined with Comcast’s Business Managed Router services, you can designate which business applications receive backup priority for Disaster Recovery.

Hybrid Wireline

A second wire-line can be installed at all your locations. This functions as a backup for your primary connection and ensures your network stays operational in case of an outage. The type of technology used for the backup is different and can mitigate any intermittent or chronic downtime.

Managed Connectivity Solutions

Reliable connectivity solutions are the bedrock of modern technology ecosystems. As cloud-based,data-driven applications rapidly become the norm, the demand for high-performance connectivity services grows.

Discover fast, secure, and scalable services that help you optimize system and network communication. Comcast Business can provide tailor-made, enterprise-grade solutions that fit your requirements.

  • Ethernet
  • Managed broadband
  • Teleworker VPN
  • Cellular data

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IT Deployment Services

Modern businesses need to evolve rapidly, putting enterprises under constant pressure to respond. The response must factor in technology needs because most business operations are software-dependent and interlinked.

Internal IT teams often struggle to keep up with the rapid demands of system integration, software upgrades, hardware repairs, and network maintenance. These systems often support ongoing operations, which cause disruptions and delays. Utilizing Comcast IT Deployment Services frees up significant time and resources for your business.

Managed Router Services

Comcast sources hardware from well-known network equipment manufacturers and provides additional features to help optimize your business networks.

The main goal of Managed Router Services is to create and maintain secure private network access for your teams. This allows your employees to work in a hassle-free, efficient environment. The router backup connectivity and wireless failover features handle any power outages.

Comcast's Managed Router services include VPN, HA configuration, and router configuration.

Managed Security

Security has become a driving factor when it comes to business success. Every enterprise considers security as one of the top strategic concerns. As network perimeters expand, systems get more interconnected, and core business operations rely more on technology, the number of cybersecurity threats rises.

Comcast faces these challenges every day and has created expertise-driven services that can combat cybersecurity threats. Experience peace of mind and secure your assets against vulnerabilities with comprehensive Managed Security solutions.

  • Managed Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Managed Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Managed firewall
  • DDoS for Ethernet