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Comcast Business WiFi Pro Smarter WiFi Solutions

  • Easy WiFi management for your business
  • Create a customized splash page to showcase special offers and information
  • View WiFi user analytics and network insights

WiFi that Goes Above and Beyond

Your business needs more than just basic WiFi connectivity to meet evolving customer expectations. Comcast Business WiFi Pro offers reliable connectivity, a simple portal for network management, and actionable insights.

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An Advanced Integrated WiFi Management Platform

Managing your WiFi network is easy with Comcast’s online WiFi portal. This tool lets you control and manage your business WiFi network from anywhere. Set up and manage WiFi networks, accessibility, using the mobilefriendly portal. You can also

  • Create schedules to turn networks on/off
  • Set bandwidth limits on guest networks
  • View useful network data and statistics
  • Check automatically generated reports
  • Block undesirable websites

Promotion of Sales and Special Offers

Turn your WiFi network into a marketing tool with a customizable splash page. This page is displayed whenever customers connectto your network.

  • Add links to your website, social media accounts, or special promotional pages
  • Communicate importantinformation about business hours, holiday timings, and support numbers
  • Share promotional offers and daily specials
  • Inform customers aboutimportant news, weather, and other importantinformation
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Easy Monitoring and Control

Get comprehensive application-layer The innovative platform monitors all network data and lets you control each aspect. You can decide who can access your WiFi and when

  • Create filtering rules to control network traffic
  • Control network availability times
  • Get alerts when unauthorized network access points are activated
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Protect your Data and Network with Comcast Business SecurityEdge

SecurityEdge provides an added layer of security to your network and all connected devices. The advanced features keep your data and assets secure.

  • Scans for potentialthreats every 10 minutes
  • Allows blocking/filtering of website links that may be compromised
  • Displays real-time network activity on a dashboard for easy monitoring