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Comcast SIP Trunking is a Flexible, Affordable Businesses VoIP Solution

  • Best-fit solution for businesses with multiple sites/branches
  • Scalability is based on single increments of Concurrent Call volume
  • Includes Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery features
  • 24/7 business support

Maximize Business Agility and Reduce Costs with Comcast SIP Trunking

Experience the flexibility of modern telephony systems without investing in extra hardware. Comcast SIP Trunking uses a dedicated connection for your onsite IP PBX to deliver Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. This connectivity link runs on one of the largest IP backbone networks in the country, delivering reliable and affordable services. This service also includes 24/7 business support and guaranteed Quality of Service.

Comcast SIP Trunking Solution Features

Comcast Business SIP Trunk Solution Features


  • Unlimited local calling minutes
  • 200 long-distance calling minutes for each Concurrent Call Session (CCS)
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

    A direct physical line to the PBX isn’t required, each employee has their direct-dial number

  • Direct Outward Dialing (DOD)

    Eliminates the need for a switchboard, allowing calls to be placed directly to outside lines


  • Call Forward Not Reachable (CFNR)

    In case of a power failure or other contingency, calls to a specific Direct Inward Dialing number are forwarded to a preset alternative number.


  • 911 Location Control

    Easy management of registered locations for each phone number/employee

  • Reliable services that run over a secure, managed VoIP network instead of the public internet.
  • Available Concurrent Call Sessions start from 6 and can be scaled up to 800
  • Calling Name Delivery (CNAM)

    Assign a unique name and number mask to every business number. A specific name and number mask can be assigned to multiple numbers. Main locations and smaller sites.

  • Dialed Number Information Service (DNIS)
  • Automatic Number Identification (ANI)

    Installation and management of SIP Gateway with Session Border Controller (SBC)

*Additional monthly charges apply

Comcast SIP Trunking Solutions are Ideal for these Types of Businesses

Large office premises and enterprise offices

For corporate headquarters and larger offices, staying connected is a mission-critical priority. Comcast SIP trunking helps you stay ahead of the game. Your team can take advantage of features such as:

  • Unlimited local calling minutes
  • Affordable long-distance calling service
  • Dialed Number Information Service (DNIS)
  • Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
  • Unreachable Destination
  • Call Forward Not Reachable (CFNR)

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Minimize Business Impact of Disruptions

Stay prepared for any possible disruptions in phone services with Comcast's business continuity features. SIP trunking service includes advanced features that help you and your team stay connected.

  • Failover backup seamlessly switches over to an alternate trunk group in case a group is impacted by a power failure
  • High call volume causes CCS to automatically increase by 20% of the committed number
  • Preconfigured load management allows phone calls to be routed to a specific trunk group based on a preset percentage
  • Total failure of a trunk group is mitigated by routing calls to any pre-set 10-digit number

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