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  • Speeds ranging from 35 Mbps to 100 Mbps
  • No hard data limits
  • Persistent IP addresses
  • Hardware lease options available
  • Priority business connection
  • Quick 3 to 5 day installation

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  • 25 Mbps Gen5 internet speeds
  • Stay connected with backup data
  • Sizable amounts of anytime data
  • Video data saver
  • Built-in SmartTechnologies
  • Built-in Wi-Fi


Business Satellite Internet Benefits

Many businesses, mainly in rural areas, do not have any access to high-speed internet or only have slower DSL internet connection options available.

Satellite internet is available nationwide. Now businesses, in any location, can get business-class support and fast internet speeds for email, ecommerce, file downloads, and more!

Satellite internet is also a great back-up option for your business when your terrestrial broadband connection, such as coax cable or fiber, experiences an outage. Affordable rates are available for that much needed peace of mind that ensures your business never experiences downtime.

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Business Satellite Internet Provider Buyers Guide

Empowering you to make an informed decision by comparing the key factors with satellite internet.

Internet Speeds and Data

Viasat has two different plan structures. Unlimited data and data allowance options.

Unlimited Broadband Plans – three different plans that all have unlimited data and three different internet speed tiers.

Viasat PlanInternet Speed
Unlimited 35Up to 35 Mbps
Unlimited 60Up to 60 Mbps
Unlimited 100Up to 100 Mbps

Metered Broadband Plans – all data allowance plans have up to 35 Mbps internet speeds and varied data limits. Each plan also has varied dollar per gig amounts for when you go over your monthly allowance and need additional data.

Data AllowanceAdditional Usage
1 GB$10/GB
10 GB$10/GB
20 GB$6/GB
50 GB$3/GB
200 GB$2/GB

Additional Features

Business broadband anywhere. You don't have to settle for T-1’s and slow DSL. Viasat provides high-speed internet to businesses in even the hardest to reach locations.

Better backup connection. Affordable and truly diverse secondary connection for SD-WAN and business continuity solutions.

Prioritized connection. Business customer data is preferred on Viasat’s network, so you get the speeds you need during important business hours.

Nationwide coverage. Coast-to-coast coverage means one provider that can support all of your locations.

Quick installations. Viasat business internet is typically installed in just 3 to 5 days, so you can get up and running immediately

Equipment lease. All the hardware you need to connect to Viasat service is included in the monthly cost.

Persistent IP addresses. Three persistent IP addresses are provided with every Viasat plan.

Internet Speeds and Data

HughesNet has data allowance plans only. It is still considered as “unlimited” data plans because they don’t actually cut off your internet connection or charge you more. If you exceed your data plan limit, HughesNet will keep you connected at reduced speeds. Typically, 1-3 Mbps.

HughesNet also splits your data usage in two different categories. Anytime data and daytime data. This basically means they set specific data allowance in each category to give you data when you need it most.

Anytime data; any hour of the day.

Daytime data; 8am to 6pm.

HughesNet PlanAnytime DataDaytime Data
Business 3510 GB+25 GB
Business 5025 GB+25 GB
Business 7550 GB+25 GB
Business 10075 GB+25 GB

Every business plan comes with 25 Mbps internet speeds.

Additional Features

Video Data Saver. HughesNet will modify data rates for streaming video so you can watch more and use less of your monthly data allowance.

Built-in Smart Technologies. HughesNet Gen5 automatically compresses and optimizes web content for a better online experience while using less data.

Built-in Wi-Fi. Included standard technology that connects all your wireless devices.

Flexible startup options. Lease the equipment and reduce your upfront cost or purchase the equipment and own it for life.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to which business satellite internet provider to go with, it all depends on your business needs.

Viasat is best for businesses in need of faster internet speed, stable connections and heavy internet usage.

HughesNet is best for business in need of a cost-effective solutions, basic internet speeds and smaller amounts of internet usage.

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*$200 rebate applies to new subscribers of HughesNet business service. Offer valid from qualifying sellers only. HughesNet equipment and service must be purchased or leased between 6/4/20 and 8/5/20 and must remain active for a minimum of 31 days to qualify. The Purchase No Commitment Plan is not eligible for this rebate. Rebate cannot be combined with other rebate offers. Visit HughesNetRebates.com for details. Rebate submissions must be received by 8/31/20. Card expires 6 months from date issued. Offer ends 8/5/20.