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Spectrum Enterprise Connectivity and Internet Solutions

Get enterprise-ready connectivity solutions that maximize business productivity. Choose from a range of robust, scalable Spectrum technology services.

  • Internet Access services
  • Enterprise Networking Solutions
  • Managed SD-WAN
  • Managed Security
  • Unified Communications
  • And more!

Over 99.9% of Network Reliability | No Contracts | No Hidden Fees

Spectrum Enterprise Services for every Business Need

Spectrum offers scalable and flexible enterprise-grade services, including internet access, collaboration solutions, managed network services, and more.

Spectrum Enterprise Internet Solutions

Fiber Internet Access (FIA)

Spectrum’s Fiber Internet Access (FIA) is a robust, highperforming internet service designed to meet the demands of enterprise networks. Optimize your business operations while ensuring business-critical applications and network resources remain online.

  • High-performing, reliable internet connectivity
  • Scalable service to meet growing business needs
  • Business continuity ensured during unexpected disruptions
  • Symmetrical speeds scalable up to 100 Gbps
  • SLA-governed, 99.99% service availability
  • Integrated network redundancy
  • Reliable, local U.S. technical and support available 24/7/365
  • Wireless backup option for failback and failover functionality

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Spectrum Business Internet

Fast, reliable, and secure internet solutions that meet the demands of the modern enterprise. Optimize business performance and customer service with Spectrum Business Internet for Enterprise.

Combine with Spectrum’s enterprise-ready managed network and security services for a complete solution

  • Unlimited bandwidth with three speed options
  • Unthrottled service with over 99.9% network reliability
  • Scale up business connectivity with Spectrum’s nationwide network
  • Single site and multiple site connectivity available
  • Fully integrated customer support experience
  • U.S.-based service managers and support staff available for service 24/7/365

Wireless Internet

Spectrum Wireless Internet is an advanced solution that works as a primary internet access option or backup connectivity.

You can rapidly set up fast internet connectivity at your rural/ remote locations, ensuring your employees and customer remain connected.

  • Superb connectivity for WAN integration, network management, and PoS system operation.
  • Rapid deployment of internet service to any rural/remote business location
  • Can be configured as an alternative/backup connectivity option
  • Includes complete installation services as well as equipment
  • Security is ensured by encrypting network traffic at each location
  • Includes 5GB data plan with a data pooling option for multiple sites
  • U.S. -based technical and customer support accessible is 24/7/365

Wireless Internet Backup

Ensure network availability during unexpected outages with Spectrum’s Wireless Internet Backup service.

This cost-effective solution will automatically switch on in case of any network disruptions

  • Automatic failover and failback option in case of a connectivity disruption
  • Encrypted and secure wireless 4G internet backup
  • No data caps or overage fees apply
  • Hardware equipment and battery backup is included
  • A budget-friendly option that works seamlessly with your internet service
  • Support is available 24/7/365 for your convenience

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Spectrum Enterprise WAN Services

Ethernet Services

Modernized enterprise IT ecosystems require the support of a high-performing WAN. Get consistent, dependable WAN connectivity with Spectrum. This service is delivered over a fiber network and provides connectivity speeds up to 100 Gbps.

Easily add more locations or increase bandwidth to meet growing business needs.

  • Enhance workforce productivity and minimize network
  • administrative efforts with Spectrum Ethernet.
  • Robust Ethernet that meets the demands of modern enterprise WANs
  • SLA-governed service for reliable network performance
  • Optimize the integration of networks with public/private clouds
  • Private Ethernet connectivity ensures network security across your locations
  • Includes end-to-end network management support

Cloud Connect

Connect your enterprise network with Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) using Spectrum’s secure, dependable Cloud Connect services.

Using the public Internet to access CSP environments increases complexities, causes speed issues and introduces security vulnerabilities. Eliminate these issues and enhance business operations with Spectrum Enterprise Cloud Connect.

This service uses a private, secure, fiber-based connection to streamline access to cloud resources

  • Simplified and secure cloud connectivity
  • SLA-governed, secure connectivity to Azure or AWS environments
  • Scalable connectivity speeds starting from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Protect cloud access from online threats
  • 99.99% service availability
  • Utilize multiple connectivity options that meet your business needs

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Managed SD-WAN

Spectrum offers a comprehensive, virtualized WAN solution for your enterprise.

Implement application-aware routing, simplify network management, and reduce costs with Managed SD-WAN services.

  • Intelligent routing for optimized network utilization
  • Control performance and gain insight into network metrics via an intuitive online portal
  • A complete solution that includes infrastructure, network access,
  • security provisions, and overall WAN management
  • Integrate multiple layers of security with unified threat management (UTM) and firewalls
  • Get 24/7/365 access to U.S.-based technical support

Wavelength Services

Core enterprise applications are data-intensive and need highperformance network transport for smooth operation. Spectrum Wavelength Services offer a fiber-optic network that provides the speed and bandwidth you need.

Optimize data delivery for your most demanding business-critical applications.

  • Dedicated, point-to-point connectivity
  • Speeds starting from 10 Gbps up to 100 Gbps
  • Minimized jitter and low latency
  • Options to implement custom routing
  • Includes fully-managed optical transport network (OTN) hardware
  • Enjoy access to U.S.-based support 24/7/365

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Spectrum Enterprise Managed Network Services

Managed Network Edge

A comprehensive turnkey solution that simplifies all network maintenance and growth management tasks. Spectrum’s Managed Network Edge service provides essential features, including network security and routing, switching, SD-WAN, cameras, and WiFi.

This service operates over Cisco’s Meraki platform to deliver integrated network security and flexibility.

  • Simplifies network management and security procedures
  • Automated updates for improved security
  • Use the online portal to manage individual client networks
  • Optimized network design and business operations
  • Choose from a fully-managed or a co-managed solution
  • Check performance and usage stats through a built-in control panel
  • Tailored to your specific business needs in collaboration with
  • Spectrum’s certified network experts

Managed Router Service

A reliable, high-performance service that lets you connect business sites using a fully-outsourced WAN routing solution. Optimize WAN performance, uptime, and bandwidth utilization across your organization with Spectrum’s Managed Router Service.

This service is managed by Spectrum’s team of MEF CECPcertified network experts. It includes network design, installation, configuration, necessary updates, network hardware, and 24/7/365 technical support.

  • Complete WAN and connectivity management
  • Groups traffic into various priority classes by tagging them with a QoS priority bit
  • Uses dynamic routing protocols (SPF, EIGRP, VRRP)
  • Logical routing using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • Access Control Lists and LAN router configuration
  • Automatic failover to a wired or wireless connection
  • An online portal lets you generate performance statics and makes it easy to monitor network health

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Managed Security Service

Safeguard your organization from online threats while maintaining network health.

Spectrum’s managed service Eliminate the burden of daily security monitoring and management from your internal IT resources.

  • A comprehensive firewall and security solution suite
  • Minimize risk and impact of online threats with superior network protection
  • Advanced protection through intrusion protection, URL filtering, and unified threat management (UTM)
  • Includes equipment, design, installation, configuration, and technical support
  • Choose from two packages, Standard or Advanced

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DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are designed to flood networks with requests and can cause severe interruptions to businesses.
Spectrum provides robust protection using 24/7/365 network monitoring for quick DDoS threat detection and mitigation.

DDoS protection is fully cloud-based that uses proprietary machine learning and data analytics methods. As a result, malicious traffic, once identified, is quickly redirected to minimize impact.

  • Automatic threat detection and identification
  • Proactive resolution of any identified attacks
  • Powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms
  • View incident reports, auto-deployed countermeasures, and network impact using the online portal
  • Tracks incident history and provides valuable insight for future network planning
  • DoS experts are available 24/7/365 at Spectrum’s NOC and SOC

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Spectrum Managed WiFi Services for Enterprise

Spectrum provides a fully managed WiFi solution for hassle-free delivery of WiFi connectivity at all your business locations.
Get fast and reliable WiFi that helps your team and customers stay connected. Spectrum experts will handle all routine WiFi network management tasks and also handle all support requests.
Enhance customer experience and keep your business connected with an end-to-end managed WiFi solution.

Managed WiFi Key Features

Spectrum Voice and Unified Communications

Enterprise Trunking

Meet constantly evolving voice communication needs with Spectrum Enterprise Trunking service. With Enterprise trunking, your organization can connect with customers using a secure and reliable channel.

Spectrum offers SIP Trunking, PRI Trunking, and traditional voice (analog) options. Each service is governed by SLAs that guarantee 99.99% availability over Spectrum’s robust fiber network

  • Affordable and scalable voice communications service
  • Delivered over Spectrum’s private, nationwide fiber network
  • Unlimited local calling
  • Voice bandwidth is fixed to ensure load from other applications Doesn’t affect communications.
  • Add more DIDs, MOUs, or call paths as your business grows.
  • SLA-governed 99% availability
  • Proactive monitoring ensures connectivity performance
  • Advanced trunk configuration for single/multiple locations with a centralized/decentral option.

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Unified Communications

Empower your workforce with an intuitive cloud-powered unified collaboration suite. This comprehensive service is fully managed by Spectrum, from design to end-user training.

All-in-one collaboration suite with options for voice calling, video conferencing, desktop sharing, messaging, and virtual workspaces

  • Spectrum experts will help design, implement, and train business users to speed up service adoption
  • Integrates with popular business applications including Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Zendesk, and more
  • Simplified collaboration with a single provider and 24/7/365 access to technical support for your business needs

Unified Communications Omnichannel

Traditional Unified Communications solutions rely on voice calling, which can hinder customers who wish to connect through alternative channels.

Give your customers the option to connect using chat, email, Twitter and improve customer engagement.

(Omnichannel is an add-on to Spectrum’s Unified Communications or Hosted Call Center service.)

  • Intelligent policies and distribution rules ensure the right agent is connected to the right customer
  • Optimizes support by distributing multiple kinds of incoming customer communication across agents
  • Let’s customers connect with your business using voice, social, email, and other channels
  • Allows agents to switch from a chat channel to a voice call
  • A dashboard shows agent performance across channels and current queue statistics
  • Parameters can be customized to create agent performance thresholds

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Hosted Call Center

Spectrum’s Hosted Call Center combines the power of Unified Communications with traditional call center operations.
Improve call center workforce experience with a hassle-free service that Spectrum fully manages.

The call center system can be accessed remotely using a simple internet connection. This feature eliminates the need for an onpremises facility bringing down costs and improving scalability.

Empower your business by providing superior contact center experience at great rates.

  • Fully cloud-based and managed by Spectrum experts
  • Supports all kinds of contact center interactions, including service/support calls, billing inquiries, sales inquiries, and more
  • Fast and hassle-free deployment
  • Easily scalable system that grows with your business
  • Supports smaller call handling groups as well as large, formal contact center installations
  • Three service tiers are available: Agent, Agent Plus, and Supervisor
  • Create customized call flows and distribution paths
  • An administrative portal provides an intuitive way to manage the entire call center

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