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Small & Enterprise Business Solutions

Best Business Support

Nextiva's modern business systems have been rated #1 by U.S. News for enabling remote teams. Work from anywhere with Nextiva.

  • Unified communication with VoIP, video, & chat
  • Send text messages from your mobile device
  • One-click conference calling from your cell phone
  • Declutter your workspace and ditch the desk phone

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Best User Interface

Reimagine your workday. With RingCentral’s top-rated mobile app, integrated messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls has never been easier.

  • Send messages, make calls, and jump into meetings from any device
  • Top rated iOS & Android mobile app
  • Easy to use desktop app for Windows and Mac
  • Set up in minutes and add new users with just a few clicks

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Best Affordable Plans

Vonage activates conversations across voice, SMS, team messaging, social, meetings, and more all at cost friendly rates perfect for any business type.

  • Low monthly cost mobile plans available
  • Voice and video collaboration, plus chat
  • Professional desktop & mobile apps
  • Popular CRM integrations

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Unified Communications + Business Internet Solutions

Best Robust Network

Staying connected with your teammates. Comcast Business offers a full portfolio of collaborations and voice services with multiple locations and varying technology solutions.

  • The nation’s largest Gig-speed network
  • High-quality voice network
  • Business app with top features
  • Cloud-based collaboration with Comcast Business VoiceEdge™

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Best Flexible Plans

Spectrum Business offers voice and unified communication solutions to keep your workforce connected and productive from anywhere.

  • Get the bandwidth you need with flexible speeds options
  • Elastic voice solutions that adapt as your business grows
  • Simplified pricing without hidden costs
  • Industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

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Best Business Support

Cox Business solutions and unified communication apps allows you to access the power of your office from anywhere on any device.

  • Fast, reliable network loaded with rich features
  • Solutions that support virtually all aspects of your business
  • Award-winning customer service
  • 24/7 enterprise-grade dedicated local support

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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) Guide

UCaaS will enhance the way your business communicates and collaborates by giving you the power to offer personalized, immediate, intuitive, omnichannel experiences to both your customers and employees.

Unified communication connects data, text and chat, video, voice and other communication applications in a single, seamless product.

Benefits of Unified Communications

Cost Savings

UCaaS is a service that is hosted in the cloud. This means your service provider manages everything for your business and administers all upgrades virtually. This eliminates the need for PBX equipment installed at your business location, paying for the equipment installation, purchasing additional PBX equipment and onsite technician service-appointment fees.

Boost Team Productivity

Boost Team Productivity As a cloud-based designed service, unified communication solutions allow your team to work from anywhere on any device. With UCaaS your employees get increased collaboration with web, audio and video conferences on-the-go on any device with high-definition quality and access to shared documents, notes and messages.

CRM Integrations

Empower your call center agents to provide outstanding service with seamless CRM integrations that delivers real-time, 360-degree view of your customers. Get skill-based routing to ensure all calls are routed and handled by the best suited agent. CRM integrations will also provide advance analytics for reoccurring customer reports, identifying performance gaps, optimization opportunities and ultimately rendering better business decisions.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Unified communication empowers office-based, mobile and remote team members to communicate and produce more flexibly and perform more efficiently. Employees can work remotely on virtual desktops, communicate with customers through business-number texting and other channels and business teams can take advantage of bring your own device (BYOD) policies that allows employees to seamlessly move between home and work devices.

Number Porting

Most UCaaS providers allow you to keep both your local business numbers and toll-free numbers by transferring them to their specific platforms free of charge. This process can be completed without any service interruptions and many providers will also give you a temporary number to use during the transition.

Easy Setup

Boost Team Productivity The Unified Communications service is plug and play. Your business can start calling in literally hours after service purchase with a quick mobile or desktop application download. With all maintenance performed in the cloud setup is simple. No timely installation site visits required.

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