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Healthcare and Medical Services

Lead the next wave of healthcare innovation with powerful technology solutions from Comcast Business


Optimize system reliability, access, and scalability

Dependable technology infrastructure is the backbone of any healthcare service business. System agility has become a core requirement since most patient-care and record management applications need to handle high data volumes while meeting stringent uptime requirements.

Managed Services

Let Comcast implement and manage key enterprise technology solutions, freeing up your internal IT teams to focus on strategic goals.

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Connect clinics, staff, and data centers using agile networks that scale as you grow.

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Cloud Services

Optimize performance of cloud-based applications with reliable connectivity to public cloud service providers.

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Reshape patient care and your healthcare organization

Leverage the power of technology to enhance the quality, access, and affordability of patient care.Comcast Business solutions can help streamline business models and build next-gen managed care capabilities.

Enhance network reliability

Use advanced technology to upgrade resource efficiency and improve administrative communication.

Optimizepatient experience

Provide access to reliable and accurate healthcare information and telehealth services.

Streamline systems

Build a resilient yet agile online experience for your patients and staff.


Simplify communication and collaboration for care teams

Streamline communications within the organization and make it easier for patients, caregivers, and families to stay in touch

Unified Communications

Utilize robust, multi-featured communication tools that meet the demands of today’s high-collaboration work environments.

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Ethernet Dedicated Internet

Connect your LAN to the public Internet using a secure, dedicated link that supports bandwidth speeds up to 100 Gbps.

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Ethernet Network Services

Easily handle grown network traffic demands and keep your clinics, labs, and other locations connected.

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Establish consistent, secure communication channels at your clinics and offices

Improve communication exchange processes within your organization to generate reliable accurate information.

DDoS Mitigation

Monitor network traffic and apply countermeasures in case of DDoS attacks, while ensuring availability of network resources.

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Data Networking

Streamline performance of bandwidth-intensive applications byusing high-speed connectivity.

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Managed Router

Extend router usability and lifecycle with the help of Comcast’s expert-driven management service.

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