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Restaurants, Bars, and Food Services

Serve up the best dining experience with support from Comcast Business technologies.


Create customer-centric experiences at your restaurants with advanced technology services

Create a technology-centric service strategy for your business

Comcast Business focuses on the business context and aligns technology solutions with your strategic goals.

Enhance customer experience

Attract customers with reliable WiFi, intuitive mobile apps, and great entertainment options.

Secure digital touchpoints

Secure all digital customer interactions by integrating them into the overall security strategy.

Improve system performance

Optimize costs and streamline operational processes with reliable and scalable Internet, network, and IT support.

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Meet the demands of today’s hyper-connected, tech-savvy customers


X1 for Business

Manage all business entertainment TVs using a centralized interface. It also includes the X1 Voice Remote that allows you to search for content and view recommendations.

Managed WiFi and Reports

Create separate WiFi networks for your customers and teams. The platform can also analyze network usage patterns to help you customize the WiFi experience.


Accelerate service delivery and improve efficiency across multiple touchpoints

Comcast offers multiple technology solutions that help optimize both front and back-of-house operations

Protect your data and systems with robust cybersecurity solutions


Managed Security

Safeguard your systems, data, devices, and other assets with Comcast’s expert-driven managed services offering.

DDoS Mitigation

Monitor network traffic for possible DDoS attacks and implement automatic mitigation measures with robust cybersecurity solutions.