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Cloud-based Contact Center Management—More Calls with Fewer Agents

Experience the convenience of intelligent, customer interaction management within the cloud. Net2phone collaborates with Five9 to bring you the best contact center management services for your business.


net2phone and Five9 contact center as a service (CCaaS) Collaboration

Cloud-powered contact center solutions are an essential part of business communication services. To offer their customers the best solution, net2phone has partnered with an industry-leading provider, Five9. This service gives businesses the ability to manage customer calls using a cloud-based software platform. Five9’s Contact Center as a Service offering provided by net2phone gives your business the power of truly unified communications.

Five9 and net2phone
—Helping you Move Towards Intelligent Customer Management

Five9 is a leader in the Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) industry. They have been providing reliable contact center solutions for the past 19 years. net2phone and Five9 aim to allow customers to deliver more human-centric interaction management. This service can help your business deliver intelligent customer support that is tailored to specific parameters.

Net2phone & Five9 Cloud Contact Center Benefits

Five9 has been operating in the contact center industry for the past 19 years. This vast experience sets it apart when it comes to offering superior cloud contact center services. The combination of expertise and cloud-powered technology makes Five9 the ideal partner of businesses looking to tailor customer interaction solutions.

  • More than 19 years of contact center industry experience
  • Partnering with over 2000 businesses worldwide
  • Reliable and secure services
  • 24x7 NOC availability data centers
  • Providing real-time operational updates
  • Strict compliance measures in place
  • Employees a team of more then 1300
  • Over 130,000 agents available concurrently
  • Annual recorded call time exceeds 6 billion minutes

How Do Cloud Contact Centers Work?

Cloud contact centers use software to intelligently manage all customer interactions, such as calls, text messages, and other digital customer touch points. This software works within the cloud, therefore it is scalable according to the call volume your business manages. Your agents can use this software to handle both inbound and outbound customer interactions. A cloud-powered contact center makes it easy to handle multiple types of customer interactions occurring over multiple device types or online platforms. Customers and agents are linked through email, websites, video, mobile, your business app, and more. These types of contact centers also make it easier to customize customer interactions, agents can make quick decisions about how to tailor a specific customer interaction for enhanced support.

Provide Quick,
Customer Support

Five9 Cloud Contact Center elevates traditional customer support by adding a more human-centric approach to services. To make this possible, Five9 agents are provided the best tools and training. This results in faster resolution of customer issues, increased business productivity, and enhanced customer engagement across all your business platforms.

Build a More Customer-Centric Business with Five9 and net2phone

Transform your business by leveraging the power of a cloud contact center. The Five9 software platform has been designed to be flexible. It scales up or down depending on the evolving needs of your business. You can easily activate or deactivate agents as required. This also eliminates the hassle of setting up and maintaining an on-premises contact center.

Partner with net2phone and convert every customer interaction into a foundation stone for building brand loyalty. The Cloud Contact Center has many benefits over traditional options, Five9 for example, maintains a monthly systems availability average of 99.99%. The infrastructure is designed to be secure with stringent administrative protocols in place.

Benefit from Extensive Cloud Expertise

Five9 experts have worked with thousands of customers and have successfully implemented tailor-made cloud contact centers for partners across multiple industries. Their team focuses on empowering your business by analyzing your current customer interaction workflows, improving them if needed, and then transitioning them over to the cloud. This approach has allowed customers to unlock valuable insights, which can be used to maximize agent efficiency. Netphone and Five9 will support your employees by providing the best cloud contact center technology and related tools, allowing you to deliver superior customer care.

Enhance Productivity with Five9’s Integrated Software Platform

Five9's software platform is more cost-effective compared to traditional contact enter solutions. It eliminates the majority of the capital expenses involved in setting up contact center solutions. Along with this, the cloud-powered option offers

  • Quick deployment methods
  • Provides APIs and SDKs for tweaking and customizing integration options
  • Initial integration is a no-code solution
  • Workforce optimization options