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Slack Integration

Turn Slack into a collaboration powerhouse!
net2phone's business communication system integrates seamlessly with Slack.
Connect with your team and collaborate more effectively with net2phone.


Simplifying Your Day-to-Day Business Communications

Focus on one tool

Stay laser-focused on Slack. Make and receive calls without having to switch over to another app.

Easier Search

Search within your Slack directory and start a video conference with any team member using the integrated net2phone functionality.

Effective collaboration

Launch net2phone's Huddle tool within Slack to share screens and enhance collaboration.

Text Messaging

Send and receive SMS messages within Slack.

Better Conversations

Call Forwarding

Activate call forwarding using the net2phone business phone system.

Call Management

Managing a ton of apps and devices while staying on top of to-do lists gets hectic. net2phone helps you stay more organized by letting you answer calls with one click.

Manage Workflows

Tracking missed calls can become a hassle and also complicates workflows. Get rid of this issue by managing team workflows directly within Slack. Your team can address missed calls by getting in touch with the customer. This way important issues or potential leads won't go overlooked.

Work Effectively


Customize notifications to ensure you never over look an important message or miss any calls.

Voicemail Management

Voice mail inboxes fill up uickly and become un organized. The Slack integration feature helps you manage your voice mails. Clean up your messy inbox with one click, no need to switch between multiple apps or tabs.

Caller ID

Caller ID can be adjusted to display numbers more relevant to the caller. This increases. all answer rates.

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