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Zoho Business Phone Systems Integration

Integrate your net2phone business communication system with the popular Zoho CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform.

net2phone's Unified Communication solutions work with existing business tools to help you optimize collaborative processes. Use the click-to-call feature to connect with your team. You can also log calls and take quick notes within the in-call prompt. The combination of net2phone with Zoho CRM provides a powerful toolset for your communication needs.


Click-To-Call within Zoho Sales CRM

Answer and make calls from within the Zoho interface. Incoming calls trigger a pop-up alert in Zoho, simply click to answer the call without having to switch over to another application.

Add Notes During Active Calls

Use the Zoho note feature to jot down important information during ongoing calls. At the end of the call, these notes are automatically associated with the caller's account record and are passed on to the account manager.

Add Post-Call Actions

Once a call ends, you have access to multiple fields which can be used to create follow-up instructions, set tasks, add reminders, and more. Rules can also be set up, which will trigger post-call fields that the agent must fill out.

Detailed Reporting

All calls placed via the Zoho-net2phone integrated interface are automatically tracked. Basic information about the call, such as duration, time, and type is logged. This data can be analyzed to generate insights into call volumes and trends.

Unified Communications Integration with CRM-Building Smarter Communication Systems

net2phone Unified Communication services integrated with powerful CRM tools are the secret weapon that will set your Sales team apart. Empower your team to generate more revenue by providing them the net2phone's intuitive Unified Communication platform.