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Give your customers the ultimate personalized shopping experience

Unified Communications enhance your customer support capabilities. Combine the power of voice calling, video conferencing, chat, texting, and multiple features to provide the best shopping experience.


Grow your Retail Business with net2phone's Powerful Unified Communications System

Learn how net2phone can Help your Retail Business Feature-Rich Solution: Use advanced net2phone features to enhance your retail communication process. Improve the quality of your customer support by implementing useful features such as video conferencing, mobile app, and desk phones. Data Analytics: Track and measure important communication metrics with net2phone analytics. Call volume can help identify sales trends and customer behavior. Het useful insights for your retail strategies with net2phone Analytics. Live Web Chat: Add live chat functionality to your website. Visitors will be able to ask questions and get on-demand support.

Provide a Customized Shopping Experience

Increase customer engagement by offering a tailored shopper experience. With net2phone, stellar customer service becomes a norm. Video Conferencing: Use video conferencing to offer a virtual, highly interactive shopping experience. Text Messages: Texting has become a preferred communication method. Use net2phone messaging service to exchange quick updates and share images with customers.