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Better Care through Better Communication—Assisted Living Staff Remains Connected 24/7 with net2phone

Improve resident wellness care and your assisted living services by taking advantage of net2phone’s communication systems. Video conferencing, voice calling, live chat, and SMS help keep your staff, residents, and their loved ones connected all the time.


Learn how net2phone helps you provide better assisted living services

Improved Comfort and Safety:

Your medical staff and other administrative staff can communicate instantly using voice calls, text messaging, or chat. Net2phone features also work on mobile devices so your team can quickly resolve any issues

Reduce Emergencies and Mitigate Problems:

Residents and care staff at your facility will be able to keep in touch using net2phone features such as th3 mobile phone apps (Android and iOS). This allows for quick mitigation of problems and will prevent emergency incidents

Virtual Doctor Consultations:

The video conferencing platform,Huddle, makes virtual doctor consultations quick and easy. P3ovideyour residents a convenient way to discuss their issues directly with their doctors.

Keep Residents and their Families Connected Improve resident mental well being by letting them get in touch woth family members anytime they want. Residents can use voice calls, send text messagings, chat online or video conference.

Video Communication

Huddle, net2phone’s powerful video calling platform can be used for virtual face-to-face interactions. Loved ones can use Huddle without worrying about privacy issues since all datais encrypted and secure.

Local and International Calling

Unlimited local calling and international calling (40+countries) features help your residents stay in touch with loved ones around the globe.

Affordable and User-Friendly Services Net2phone is easy to setup and all features can be accessed at the touch of a button. All communication services are designed to be cost-effective without compromising on quality.

Scalable as Needed:

Utilize phone lines effectively by sharing them across low-usage rooms. Overall services are also built to be scalable as your needs grow or diminish.

Easy Setup:

net2phone systems are easy to install and can be set up with minimum interruption. You can customize your services according to your administrative set up. Net2phone empowers their clients by providing tutorials, webinars,and help documents that include details on how to manage and customize your assisted living facility communication system.

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