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Call Recording

A useful feature of net2phone’s cloud-based PBX services is Call Recording. Calls can be recorded and saved for later review. You can use the recordings for monitoring and training purposes as well as Quality Assurance. Quickly discover what went wrong and what aspects of customer communication your business can improve.

Customer Satisfaction

Reviewing the details from all the calls which have been recorded gives amore accurate picture. Call recording makes it possible to improve customer satisfaction levels.A clear interpretation of customer communication will help your business gain better insights.

Company Training

Train new employees using call recordings to help themq uickly grasp the finer details of your processes. You can also provide continuity to your workforce’s career success by boosting their professional skills.

Company Protection

Maintaining a Call Recording archive is the ideal way to protect your business against legal issues. Another major way this feature helps protect your company is by ensuring methods and quality standards are being followed.

Quality Control

Improving the quality of your product/ services over time is easy within sights gained from call recordings.T hese insights can have a major impact on your business once shared across departments. Extract the pros and cons from records and maintain control over quality.

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