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Achieve all tactical and strategic goals with sophisticated communication services

Focus on your core business operations and let net2phone handle your Unified Communications system.

Learn why Information Technology Companies Prefer net2phone

Here are some notable ways net2phone helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Leverage Scalable and Affordable Services

Get advanced communication systems that scale with your business. Add new locations and staff without worrying about expensive communication service upgrades.

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Establish a Global Presence

net2phone services include unlimited calling to 40+ countries across the globe. Make your tech business truly global with advanced Unified Communication.

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Video Conferencing with Huddle

Use net2phone's video conferencing platform, Huddle, to keep remote teams connected. Stay in touch with customers while on the go with Huddle's Android and iOS apps.

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Improve Team Communication

net2phone's sophisticated approach to communication systems helps your tech- savvy staff collaborate better.

Stay in Sync

All your business apps, devices, and technology platforms work seamlessly with net2phone. Manage your business from any where at any time.

Remote System Administration

Manage your phone system remotely with net2phone's self-service web-based admin portal. Make changes and view call analytics all in one place.

Reliable Voice Calling

Dropped calls and unstable connections area thing of the past. net2phone provides reliable, high-quality calling services.

API Integrations

Link your current software and platform with your communication system. net2phone APIs can be used to easily integrate multiple apps and software.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Use net2phone calling features within MS Teams. This handy feature adds a powerful interactive dimension to your Teams account.

Google Calendar Integration

Integrate Huddle and Google Calendar. Your entire conferencing schedule will be available within the Huddle Lobby.

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