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Voicemail Options

net2phone allows you to download and save voicemail messages for review and archiving purposes. Another handy feature is the voicemail-to-email transcription option, which converts voicemail to text-based transcripts and sends them to your email inbox.



Track Details

No need to check your voicemails. Simply use net2phone’s voicemail-toemail functionality which transcribes your voice messages into text that you receive in your email inbox.

Audio Message

You can choose to receive a recorded copy of the voicemail with your email transcript.

Download and Save

Customer Success

With access to your voicemails from within your portal, any concerns of missing essential customer details become a thing of the past.

Voicemail Download

net2phone also allows voicemails to be downloaded, which can be a useful tool in training new employees and improving customer support quality.

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