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Businesses need to measure success/failure parameters properly before striving to make these better. The net2phone Analytics page equips you with outcome-based insights into your communication data to help you in boost proficiency. Keep an eye on trends and examining your call data from multiple perspectives is easy with net2phone.

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Call Trend Analysis


net2phone’s analytics dashboard allows you to monitor all company calls from a single location based on date, time and duration of the call.

Identify Trends

Trends followed by incoming, outgoing and missed calls can be analyzed by tracking the pattern of calls during various times in a week. This data can be used to identify call volumes and adjustments can be made to fine tune efficiency metrics.

Performance Management

Track Performance

Monitor individual performance of team members and departments. Track the duration of each call and number of missed and answered calls all from within your dashboard. These reports help determine where your business stands, which metrics need improving, and other valuable nuggets of information.


View statistics and quickly gain an insight on your corporation’s performance. Look into specific departments and how their members perform all in real time.

Target Marketing

Call Origin & Volume

Pinpoint specific regions that bring the most traffic and business to your company by examining call volume and use this information to tweak your marketing campaigns to prospective regions.

Land Leads

net2phone analytic reports assist in pinpointing high traffic locations which can help land more business.

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