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Mobile Business Phone System Apps

The net2phone mobile app lets you work from anywhere you want. Use the handy Android/iOS app to connect your mobile device with your business phone number. Core business communication features such as calling, SMS, voicemail, and extension dialing are all accessible through the app. Think of it as having your office communication systems in your pocket!

Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime

Calling, Text, and Voicemail

Make calls and use the texting feature using multiple business phone numbers (company, department, personal, etc.). Voicemail access is also possible from within the app. Easily access business voicemails by using the handy voicemail-to-email transcript service. Helping customers and qualifying leads has never been this easy!

Extension Dialing

The internet-based phone service permits you to dial extension to extension and forward calls to different groups/departments or individual members just as you would in the office.

Live Chat

Communicate seamlessly with the live chat feature. Shift internet chats to your mobile phones or respond to live texts while on the go. Response instantly to queries of potential customers with the Live Chat feature.

User and Admin Portal

Access your portal settings remotely to manage and modify your account. You are in complete control of your settings even if you are physically away from the office. Your work is now truly portable!

Enhance Productivity

On the go

Whether you are in the office, at home, or in the middle of nowhere, you can always support your organization if you can connect from anywhere. Improve productivity and collaborate better with the net2phone business phone app.

Global Access

With the net2phone app, you can make calls to over 40 countries. Turn your business into a global force with the power of net2phone communications.

Quality and Convenience

Experience the true power of easier communication with net2phone's remote-centric approach to communication services. Improve employee collaboration, eventually improving services and higher ROI for your business.



Accessible businesses foste rmore trust and loyalty with customers. Enable potential customers to connect with support staff quickly. This increases sales, improves support quality, and eventually builds brand loyalty.


Minimize cost and maximize effectiveness by contacting your teamm embersand customers in the office or on the goall from your smart phone!

Increasing Sales

The chances of converting a lead in to a sale depend on the speed of your response. Timing matters in sales and keeping potential customers engaged will increase the chances of a potential customer becoming a repeat customer.

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