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Salesforce Integration

net2phone integrates with your Salesforce platform to increase productivity. You can personalize every customer journey and improve customer service quality. Easily communicate with potential customers, track opportunities, and handle support calls with the power of net2phone Unified Communications.


Data-Driven Insights

Track Details

Call records are automatically saved and linked with Salesforce. This ensures the consistency of sales data across the organization. Any team can quickly look up the status of an opportunity and get accurate, up-to-date results.

Consistent and Accurate Metrics

Having easy access to accurate data helps you make better projections and analyses.

Seamlessly Stay Connected

Focus on a single app: Receive and make calls without having to switch over to a different window or tab. The Salesforce integration adds intuitive call functionality to your existing platform. Sales teams can stay focused and stay connected to potential customers.

Save Time

Call records are automatically saved whenever you use the feature.

Configure Call Center Settings


Setup call center directoriesc ontaining director ynumbers and number lookup functionality.


User profiles and each softphone can be customized for each individual. The user can easily view all the information that is essential for their role.

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