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Enhance Project Productivity and Insights

Exceptional Communication Systems that Help you Build on Time, Within Budget, and on Vision
Stay connected to your construction sites and offices through net2phone’s innovative communication platform. Powerful features such as calling,texting, and live chat give you the power of connectivity on the go. Let your staff,technicians and project managers collaborate more effectively to deliver projects within time and budget.


Enhance Project Productivity and Insight

Your phone service affects your ability to deliver projects within the contract time frame. With net2phone’s feature-rich services you can stay on top of things from the start.

Central Admin Portal:

Construction projects involve multiple teams working across multiple sites. The net2phone self-service portal provides an easy,seamless way for teams to remain connected. Along with facilitating collaboration, the portal can be used to track and manage team members,routing calls to specific project sites, and more.

Real-time, Video Coordination with Clients

Let clients virtually visit their construction sites with net2phone’s Huddle video conferencing platform. Easily communicate new changes, construction progress,and any potential problems. The platform also works on smart devices and can be installed on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Communicate and Collaborate On The Go

Construction work relies on mobile communication, net2phone lets your team.members work effectively from anywhere.

Smartphone App:

Use the net2phone mobile apps to communicate with clients while visiting project sites. You can use the voice calling feature, texting and more. Apps are available for all Android and iOS devices.

Consistent and Reliable Calling:

Net2phone off3rs reliable and stable call quality. Keep all your on-site staff and technicians connected with your office teams.

Improve ROI for Construction Projects

Analytical features help you track data and identify trends that can help improve work efficiency. Possible issues can also be quickly identified before they start impacting project deadlines.

Scalable Communication System

Easily expand your bet2phone services to match the pace of business growth .

Estimate Staffing Levels

Net2phone’s data analytics and dashboard swill help youd etermine staffing needs. Analyze trends over time to identify your busiest time during the year and scale up/down staffingl evels as needed.

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