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Maximize your Client’s Savings While Leveraging the Power of net2phone’s Communication Features

Net2phone helps you and your team keep pace with the fast-evolving digital world. Their powerful platform can be customized according to each unique business needs. Net2phone consultants focus on keeping you connected so your team is free to focus solely on your client”s needs.


Create Efficient Communication Channels

Remain in touch with your clients and communicate essential financial information instantly with net2phone’s reliable communication services.

Live Video Conferencing:

Communicate essential financial information to your clients from anywhere. The net2phone video conferencing platform, Huddle, has all the features to power collaboration in a modern accounting firm. Virtual conferences help you remain connected.

Mobile Apps:

Take net2phone features wherever you go with the handy Android and iOS apps. Stay in touch with your clients via text,calling,email and more. Quickly respond to your client’s financial queries when time is off the essence.

Business Communication Customization at your Fingertips

Select specific net2phone features you need. All services can be customized to fit the needs of your accounting firm.

Features Designed for You: All net2phone features are accessible at no extra cost. Your accounting firm can take advantage of over 40 powerful features and 24/7 customer support. Communicate using net2phone’s reliable and secure services.

Integration with Microsoft Teams: aYour service comes equipped with multiple integration capabilities. Use net2phone features from within your MS Teams platform without having to go through any additional integration hassles.

Secure Communications

Ensure the security of your client's sensitive financial data with net2phone's encrypted video conferencing platform. Keep a record of all discussions by using the call recording feature.

Password-Protected Conversations: Keep all financial discussions safe with the powerful Huddle video conferencing platform. Huddle uses strong data encryption and password protection features to protect your information.

Call Database: All calls can be recorded and stored within the portal. This helps you capture every detail of financial information and the recording is also available as a reference whenever needed.