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Web Calling

net2phone’s Web Calling (WebRTC) feature enables you to make and answer calls from within your web browser. No additional hardware or device setup is required.


Calling Made Easy

Desktop Dialing

With the net2phone application, calls can be made and received straight from your computer. net2phone has detailed tutorials available on their official website if you need step-bystep instructions on using this feature.

No Hardware Required

Using this feature doesn't require expensive additional hardware. You can conveniently log in to your net2phone portal and easily make all your calls directly from your PC/ laptop.

Easy To Use

net2phone’s user interface has been carefully designed with the customer’s wishes in mind. It works as a single, convenient place to manage all your calls, voicemails, and recordings all in the same place.

Performance Tracker

Powerful Analytics

The analytics page displays call data and useful performance metrics. Use these quick insights to identify trends, detect issues, analyze activity, and get more out of your communication systems.


View basic call metrics including duration, average duration, the total number of incoming/outgoing/missed/received calls and more.

Call Recording

Call recordings are effective tools for improving support quality, capturing customer details, and training employees to replicate success factors and eliminate inefficient practices.

Added Features

Unlimited Calling

Net2phone lets you make unlimited calls within the US, Canada, and 30+ other countries.

Call Transferring

net2phone analytic reports assist in Calls can smoothly be transferred to other departments directly from your desktop.

Caller On Hold

Callers can seamlessly be put on hold with a single click. Customize the on-hold messages and audio files to provide a more customer-friendly experience.

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