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Facilitating quick and effective collaboration for better learning outcomes

Educators choose net2phone services to improve the quality of learning

Learning environments need reliable communication solutions.net2phone keeps teachers and students stay connected as they strive towards the goalof creative and cognitive development. The high quality of net2phone services and communication tools will make it easy to manage learning and teaching workloads.


Remote Learning Made Easy

Empower your students by letting them continue learning even when they are away from their classroom. Teachers can also experience the convenience of continuing their lesson plans from anywhere, ensuring that all learning goals are achieved on time.

Online Education Made Easy

Online Education

Virtual Classrooms:

Use net2phone’s video conferencing platform, Huddle, to conduct web-based sessions.

Mobile Education:

Teachers and students can stay connected on the go with net2phone’s smartphone app. The app allows educators to communicate with students, track lesson plans, and meet curriculum goals more effectively.

Easy Administration:

Staff has complete control of the net2phone platform and associated services through the admin portal. All updates and edits can be made quickly whether the staff is working on campus or from their home.

Emergency Information:

The net2phone portal can be used to edit personal information such as your address. This allows emergency services to quickly locate you if the need arises.

Online Self-Service Portal

School administration can use the net2phone portal to make required changes to the phone system and reflect school holidays, closing times, etc.

Affordable Services

Net2phone solutions are reliable and cost effective. Schools are free to focus on learning goals instead of worrying about service contract details and expensive bills.

No Yearly Contract

net2phone does not require any contract duration lock-ins. The services are designed to be flexible in terms of cost and scalablw. you can add phone lines and request numbers if your classrooms increase or more staff joins your school.

User-Friendly Features

Get high-quality services and access more than 40 powerful features with net2phone. No additional costs are added to your bill for specific features.