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net2phone Portal

net2phone’s portal is a powerful, intuitive, user-friendly control panel for your business phone system. The design lets you swiftly respond to changes, helping you create a seamless link between your business processes and your communication patterns.



All text messages from your company are stored in your inbox. Interacting with customers becomes easy and hassle-free.
View all messages awaiting a reply, track past responses, mark important ones, and label ones that have been resolved as complete. net2phone's extensive messaging options keep you one step ahead.


The admin dashboard lets you control the communication system settings. Easily make additions, edits, or deletions. This control panel lets you view a list of all your phone numbers, employees, departments, connected devices, schedules, and ring groups. You can manage all your settings and communication rules within a single portal.


The Analytics view provides a birds-eye view of your overall call data. You can track call volume trends, activity, and other data to generate useful insights. Communication data analysis produces information that can help you refine tactics as well as your long-term business strategy.


The call section of the net2phone portal let's you view all the calls made within your business phone system. It also provides access to all your voicemail and call recordings data. You can filter this data by a specific department or individual.


The company section displays all your company details. This includes your company profile(location, time zones etc), as well all settings to help manage team members lists, departments, phone number, extensions, devices, special menus, and a lot more. All this information can be viewed and changed from within the Company tab.


View and edit all company communication rules within the Settings tab. Create and manage schedules, on hold options, and chat channel rules.