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net2phone equips you with the BYOD option. Bring your own devices (BYOD) refers to customers using their existing phones to link with the net2phone platform or to employees using their personal devices to connect with their organizational networks.

Bring Your Own Device

With a cellphone in everyone’s pocket and a phone on every desk office. It would be inefficient to let those devices go to waste. Hence net2phone’s system can seamlessly pair with your own cellular devices and desk phones. This makes net2phone services even more convenient as well as cost-effective for customers.

BYOD Video Tutorial

Complete step by step video tutorials are available for net2phone customers, which explains in detail how devices can be paired with the phone system

Device Auto-Provisioning

A custom parameter string, containing IP addresses, etc can be used to link your device with the net2phone servers. Net2phone customer support will guide you as to how you can get your device up and running with your net2phone system.

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