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Ring Groups

Ring Groups let you create a virtual team to handle incoming call flow. Easily direct call flows to a specific group of employees.


Full Admin Control

Custom Ring Groups

Distribute inbound calls among employees by using the Ring Group feature. Create simple rules that control call flows within your business. Calls can be routed to specific individuals, departments, teams, or predefined welcome menus.

Call Tiers

Call Tiers allow a multi-level approach to Ring Groups alerts. Select how the phone system alerts callers belonging to a specific Ring Group. Two options are available, simultaneous alerts or one by one. Ring Groups with Call Tiers defined can direct calls to more than one destination including departments, team members, or welcome menus.

Custom Scheduling

Scheduling Options

Create customized schedules for specific Ring Groups. You can define office hours, operational days, holidays, and time zones. Work hours can also be redefined in case of emergency closings.These fine-grained settings can help you build a complete Yearly Work Schedule in advance

Call Queues

Call queues help control call flow to specific Ring Groups. If all support agents are busy, incoming calls will be placed in a virtual waiting line. Callers are also informed about their queue status as they wait for assistance. This feature helps you keep call flow better organized.

Additional Features

Ring Group Messaging

Send tex tmessages to an entire Ring Group simultaneously. You can also message specific member soft he Group, specific numbers, or welcome menus.

Welcome Menu

Welcome Menus work as paths incoming calls can follow. Callers are provided specific options to choose from, resulting in a more seamless call flow.

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