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net2phone Web-based Phone System- Helping you Improve Operations and Guest Services

Hospitality Businesses Prefer the Convenience and Reliability of net2phone's Communication Systems.

Reliable communication is key in any hospitality business. Keep your staff and guests connected with net2phone's powerful platform. Get access to all the modern features you need to operate a business in today's hyperconnected world. Provide superior customer service with ease by using your business phone number on any device.


Achieve Excellence in Customer Care

Learn how net2phone helps your hospitality business by offering a feature-rich communications platform.

Customers prefer businesses that are accessible at all times. A reliable communication system helps you provide stellar customer services and keeps your team connected.

Welcome Menus: Set up custom welcome menus for each guest category. Use ring group the feature route calls to room service, help desk, restaurant, and other specialized services within your hotel.

Call Queues: Let your patrons know that they are a priority before you even receive their call. Call queues can help improve customer service quality perception by acknowledging callers and placing them in a virtual queue.

Business Messaging: Remain in touch with potential patrons and answer their messages while you interact with current customers. Your smartphone can become your on-the-go workspace with the net2phone Android and iOS apps.

Advanced, Budget-Friendly Communications

net2phone communications solutions are affordable and offer powerful features that every hospitality business requires. Get an advanced web-based phone system at competitive rates.

Feature-Rich Solution:

net2phone services are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Features offered include Call Recording, API Integrations, Data Analytics, and many more. 24/7 support is also available for clients.

International Calling:

Reach a global audience with net2phone. Services include unlimited international calling to 40+ countries. Establishing a strong global presence gives you a competitive edge in the hotel industry.

Usage-Based Customization:

Hotels house multiple phones. Usage levels for these devices often vary, with some lines managing a high load of inbound/outbound calls while some are hardly used. net2phone solutions can be customized to match these usage levels. The result is a more cost-effective communications system. SIP Trunking services for hosted PBX are also available.

Refine and Improve Marketing

net2phone services include advanced data analytics features that can help identify calling traffic, track sales and leads.

Call Reports: Track the geographic location of incoming calls to understand the origin of the majority of your clientele. Insights into call volume data can serve as useful information when designing marketing campaigns.

Scale at Affordable Rates: Adding new locations or more staff? Your net2phone communication system grows with your business.