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Physical Fax to Fax Hardware

Send and receive faxes through a VoIP network with net2phone’s virtual Faxing Solutions. This feature completely eliminates the need of installing or maintaining expensive physical fax lines.

Virtual Fax

net2phone’s virtual fax functionality allows users to have access to traditional fax functionality directly from their PC or laptop.This gives your employees the ability to send faxes through emails.

  • Sending faxes over the internet is cheaper and more efficient.
  • Faxes can be sent using email from within the office or on the go.
  • Additional resources such as paper and other bulky materials are eliminated.
  • There is no maximum limit on the number of faxes sent or received.

Encrypted Virtual Fax

Since faxes are sen tover the internet, there is always a chance thatt hedata might get compromised. To address this vulnerability, net2phone encrypts all fax data. This helps secure all your confidential data. Information is encrypted at the number source, which further solidifies the protection layer encapsulating your private data.

Physical Fax

Already own a fax machine that you intend on keeping? Net2phone has you covered with an ATA device that pairs the net2phone system with your existing physical fax machine. This keeps the functionality of your existing fax machine but without the expenses that come with a physical fax line.

  • User-friendly setup that simply requires the net2phone ATA device to be plugged into your internet and your fa machine.
  • Full fax reliability is assured.
  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing faxing options area vailable.

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