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Communication is a major strength for real estate companies. Learn how net2phone can help you gain a competitive edge with feature-rich business phone systems. Keep all office personnel, clients, and agents connected with one seamless business phone system. Communicate using voice calls, texting, or chat. All net2phone features are also available on mobile devices. This means your agency can conduct business from any location and remain constantly connected

Stay in Touch with Agents

Here are some specific ways net2phone helps your real estate business thrive.Let your agents experience the convenience of remaining connected with

their office colleagues. net2phone can help agents who are traveling or working remotely to stay in touch via voice calling and texting.

Mobile App

Use the net2phone Android/iOS app for calling and texting. Your business phone number is integrated into your mobile device via the app.

Find Me/Follow Me

Define a calling path that forwards calls to you on a different number

Voicemail to Email

Voicemails can be converted to text and emailed or sent as a text message to your inbox.

Provide Best-inClass Services to Clients

Get Free Quote

Clients prefer accessible businesses. net2phone will help you race ahead of the competition with multiple client communication options. Reach out to each client the way they prefer with net2phone’s feature-rich business phone systems.

Easy Business Texting

Send text messages and multimedia messages to clients. Share pictures of properties and manage appointment schedules all from the net2phone mobile app.

Integrated Live Chat

net2phone adds live chat functionality to your website. You can answer queries, follow up on leads and provide quick support to all visitors.

Customizable Business Phone Systems for your Real Estate Agency

net2phone under stands that each agency has its unique business processes in place.The services are therefore designed to be customizable. Your phone system will integrate with your current way of doing business and improve efficiency across the board.

Ring Groups

Never miss a potential sales opportunity or a customer query. Route calls to a specific department or individual.

Call Queue

Automatically direct calls to the next available agent. A display screen shows a list of all available agents.

Custom Greetings

Each Individual support agent can set a customized greeting message.

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