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Business Text Messaging

net2phone’s messaging feature enhances communication between your business, partners and customers. Quick and convenient messaging opens up new possibilities for interaction and helps you gain a competitive edge. Make the most of net2phone’s messaging feature and consequently reach new heights in your business.


Powerful Messaging Options

Text Messaging

An enhanced cloud PBX system allows the user to send text or multimedia messages from their business number(s).

Live Chat

A unique feature which allows the user to chat with customers from within the business website or the official net2phone mobile app.

Targeted Routing

Allows users to send messages to any specific entity within the company, including an individual, group, department, or even company-wide.

Set Your Business Apart

Customer Preference

Everyone nowadays finds it easier to send a text message rather than calling and carrying on an entire conversation. A report By HubSpot says that 90% of people prefer sending a simple text message to making a traditional voice call. Moreover, text messages are faster and more convenient for people, especially while travelling.


Using the communication method preferred by the majority of consumers can easily differentiate your business in terms of swiftness and agility hence making you stand apart from the crowd.

Extra Features

Voice Messages

You can download your voicemails and call recordings which are stored in your net2phone portal at any time. Easily access voicemail-to-email transcriptions, which helps you save time and let's you know the content of a voicemail at a glance.

Mobile App

Net2phone provides a handy mobile application that helps you remotely access your cloud-powered PBX dashboard and messages. Be it your office or any other place, you have all the control thanks to net2phone's intuitive features. This application is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.