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RCon: Receptionist Console

RCon is net2phone's powerful, web-based receptionist console. Manage large call volumes efficiently while ensuring your business remains accessible to all callers.


Seamlessly Stay Connected

Call Management

Control huge volumes of inbound and outbound calls and enhance overall team productivity with net2phone’s Receptionist Console.

Focus On One Tool

You can have incoming calls answered immediately or forwarded with ease.

  • Direct Incoming Calls
  • Drag & Drop Quick Calling Feature
  • Search for Contacts
  • Transfer & Park Calls
  • 3-Way Calling

Smarter Contact Searches

Universal Contact Search

Begin typing and just after a few clicks, filter down the search results by various parameters. Searching criteria includes individual employee, an entire department, ring groups, and welcome menus.

Quick Access

Quickly access extensions that receive higher volumes by marking them as Favorites in your Organization Contacts.

Efficient Call Routing

Consulted Transfer

Inform the recipient that you are transferring the call.

Scalable Communication System

Easily expand your net2phone services to match the pace of business growth.