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API Integration

Net2phone’s cloud-based communication systems allow unlimited API calling. Quickly integrate your existing software platforms, tools, and apps with the net2phone system by using APIs. Once set up, your standard software tools will link seamlessly with your new cloud PBX system and work as one integrated whole.


Use As a Developer

Developers can easily use net2phone APIs for custom integrations that can be paired with your own apps or any other 3rd party software of your choice.

Several webhook APIs are also available. These APIs will send a chunk of information to a specified URL when certain, pre-specified events take place under your net2phone account. These chunks of information will provide the necessary data that can be conveniently utilized to perform actions using integrated systems.

Use As an Administrator

APIs can also be utilized by people who lack coding skills. There are various services like and that make using APIs easy for even the non-coders out there.


Call Ringing

Webhooks will be able to identify whenever an inbound call rings on a phone number. Ringing call signal will also be triggered with an outbound call ringing its destination.

Call Answered

Whenever an incoming call or an outbound call is answered on any phone in your net2phone account, a Call Answered event will be triggered by the webhook.

Call Completed

On completion of a call on any phone number that is under net2phone’s account, the webhook services will log this event as well.

Call Missed

When the receiving end of the line misses a call or a call is not answered, the event is logged that the call was not answered by any number registered under your net2phone account.

Voicemail Received

net2phone’s webhook can also identify when an incoming call was not answered and a voicemail was left.