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net2phone services meet all your business communication needs. Whatever communication opinion you prefer, including fax, virtual fax, intercom door phones, overhead paging systems, net2phone will set it up and support your business. Adding and tracking new equipment and hardware a lot easier for customers. You can conveniently add or remove items within the special selection columns of your net2phone portal.


Fax Option

Physical Fax

net2phone provides its customers with a device which seamlessly links your existing physical fax machine with net2phone’s system.

Virtual Fax

net2phone’s services provide all the functionality of a fax machine without needing to install a physical fax machine. Your computer can be set up to send and receive faxes with net2phone virtual fax.

Encrypted Virtual Fax

Protect all fax data with strong encryption. Incoming or outgoing faxes are encrypted providing an additional layer of security for fax-based communication.

Overhead Paging System

Paging Announcement

This feature allows your phone to access the paging system. Announcements can be made by you and your team members through your phone. Either by dialing an extension or pressing a predefined button to make the announcement.

Loud Ringer

The overhead paging system also comes with a loud ringer functionality. An example of an ideal application of this service is alerting employees in large warehouses of any incoming calls in case they fail to hear the regular alert.

Intercom Door Phone

net2phone’s door box intercom allows direct access to your door through your phone device. Visitor scan call your phone with the press of a button on the intercom, giving you the option to communicate, grant or deny entry.

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