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Welcome Menu

Create customized welcome messages that greet your callers, provide useful information about business hours, and convey cheerful holiday greetings. Welcome menus help direct callers to the right department.


Main Welcome Menu


Personalized Welcome Menu enables you to greet your customer. You may use this welcome menu to callers inform about useful information such as office hours, locations, and call routing options. Record custom greetings through your portal or upload audio files.

Call Flow Management

Direct callers to the proper team member, department, or ring group within welcome menus. Menu Options can be set up using your net2phone portal.

Specialty Welcome Menu


Promote sales, special offers, and events using the welcome menus. This feature is a convenient way to keep your customers informed about new happenings in your business.


Design Holiday Welcome Menus for when your office is closed and for particular events. Saving pre-recorded Welcome Menus that are activated during specific times will help you plan business operations more efficiently.


Create and record weather-related Welcome Menus in advance. It will save time in case your office needs to be closed due to unpredictable changes in weather.
Once recorded, simply set the weather-related Welcome

After Hours

Closed Hours

Welcome and acknowledge your customers that you ate unavailable at the moment but will get in touch the next business day. Normally, this type of message informs the caller about business hours and suggests an alternative source of information, for example, your official business website.

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