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Huddle— An Affordable Video Conferencing Solution for your Business

Bring your team together with reliable and secure video meetings


Why Your Business Needs Huddle

Huddle is a state-of-the-art, feature-rich platform that makes it easy for your team to collaborate. Experience the convenience of quick, seamless video conferencing and take your business conversations to the next level.
Get Huddle and move towards better collaboration today!

  • Record video conference sessions
  • Share screens with your team
  • Preview your stream output screen
  • Dial-in and dial-out of conferences
  • Chat with the entire conference group or a specific person
  • Participants can use the raise hand option to interact
  • Stream the video output live on YouTube
  • Share recorded videos directly on YouTube
  • Use the net2phone mobile app to access Huddle
  • Set recurring huddle
  • Videos are streamed in real-time
  • Use the available keyboard shortcuts for a better experience
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Video Conferencing Made Simple

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Huddle is designed to be scalable and easy to use. Your team will quickly get the hang of the intuitive user interface. The features make Huddle the ideal way to host and manage business video communications.

  • Video + audio streaming
  • Moderator has complete audio control
  • Guest login is possible for anyone who doesn’t have a Huddle account
  • Conferences are secure and protected through passwords
  • Dial-in with your business phone
  • Security with SSO (Single Sign-On) via the net2phone web app
  • Access Huddle on-the-go through cloud-based unified communications
  • Participant’s video and audio control selection
  • Integration with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar
  • More than 30 conference languages are available

Encrypted and Secure Interactions with Huddle

Huddle meetings are fully secured and encrypted. Participants can only join if they have a predetermined password. The platform has a Grade A designation from SSL Labs

On-the-Go Video Conferencing with Huddle for Mobile

The net2phone Huddle App allows you to remain connected with your team and customers on-the-go. Use any smartphone to dial-in to or host video conferences.

  • Access Huddle with your smartphone
  • Apps are available for iOS and Android
  • All features are accessible via the app
  • Mobile dial-in is also available
  • Live messaging feature can be accessed during the calls
  • Toggle camera on/off
  • Easily invite participants to the conference
  • Schedule recurring Huddles