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Get Net2phone Virtual PBX for your Law Firm

Law firms often involve multidisciplinary teams, working in multiple offices and across multiple practice areas. Reliable communications systems are therefore an integral part of the business. net2phone offers state-of-the-art Virtual PBX services for law offices across the U.S.

Track Important Information

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All calls to and originating from the system are recorded. This feature serves multiple purposes, including call reviewing, legal protection, and design of training material.

Call Recording:

Keep a record of all calls for possible future review. Access the stored recordings within your net2phone portal. Crucial details relevant to your case are now a button click away.

Ensure Firm Protection:

Call recordings can be used to ensure proper operational standards are being followed. It’s also easier to deal with any disputes or legal issues. Training and Knowledge Transfer: Call recordings are an excellent source of information for trainee lawyers. Put together a stellar training plan and use real cases as illustrative examples

Enhance Team Competency

Improve over all team productivity by organizing call flows. Review call history, set customized welcome menus, andmore!

Easy Billing Procedures: Quickly assess billing processes against client call history to ensure accuracy.

Company Directory: Connect callers with the right team or employee by using the Company Directory.

Custom Greetings: Each lawyer can set their customized greeting for their extension/number.

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