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Live Chat

net2phone services include all features that a modern business needs in order to establish quick and meaningful interactions with their customers. Use the LiveChat feature to instantly connect with customers.


Company Productivity


In this day and age where everything is instantly accessible a feature like a LiveChat is a must-have. Customers expect some form of communication that provides instant, specific, and customized, support directly from within your website.

On the Go

With net2phone's handy smartphone apps, the LiveChat feature is accessible both on-premises and on the go. Your staff can now respond to customer queries using a mobile device. net2phone makes it convenient to respond to customers regardless of your location.

Lead Generator


Customers demand and expect instant communication from businesses in this age of always-on connectivity. A great way to remain connected and accessible to customers is to establish and maintain a responsive online presence. Quickly provide the necessary support to increase customer retention.


The LiveChat functionality benefits both the customer and your business as communication happens both ways. net2phone designed this functionality
to enable your business to keep in touch with your customers.

Increase Company Success

Increase Sales

The more engaging an interaction is for a visitor, the higher the chances of that person becoming a customer. Quick and effective response significantly shifts the odds of acquiring that lead and making a successful sale.

Build Brand Loyalty

If you want customers to become loyal brand partners, building trust is the best way to accomplish this. With every quick reply, the customers tend to be satisfied and every instance of satisfaction acts as a building block for brand loyalty.

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