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Property Management Firms Rely on net2phone Business Communication Systems.

Stay in touch with clients, tenants, and your team with net2phone's reliable Virtual PBX services. You will also get access to mobile apps which allow you to use your business phone number on your smartphone or any other mobile device.

Gain a Competitive Edge with net2phone UCaaS Platform

Learn why many reputable Property Management businesses choose net2phone

Reliable, High-Quality Service

Property managers need reliable communication systems that function smoothly. net2phone business phone and mobile business phone services help your company stay on top of things.

Stellar Voice Calling Quality:

net2phone systems are designed to offer stellar voice calling quality. Get stable connectivity that makes dropped calls a thing of the past. Your connectivity is ensured even while traveling to remote areas.

Reliability Communication Services and Customer Support:

Experience the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 reliable support. net2phone customers can quickly connect with a team of US-based experts to quickly resolve service issues.

Stay Connected While Traveling or Working Remotely

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net2phone lets you communicate with your colleagues and stay in touch with clients while on the move or when working remotely.

Mobile App:

Use the mobile app to stay in touch with your team, tenants, and clients during site visits. The app turns your mobile device into an extension of your desk phone. Calls and messages to your office number will be directed to your mobile

Extension Dialing:

Busy with an on-site property visit and trying to juggle customer calls at the same time? Quickly transfer incoming calls to another team if you are unable to answer or otherwise occupied. The call will be forwarded to a specific department or team member.


Voicemail messages can accumulate at alarming rates. Listening to the entirety of a message wastes precious time. Switch to reading the message instead. The net2phone voicemail-to-email transcript sends voicemail text directly to your inbox. Get the gist of a message at a glance with this handy feature.

Improve Team Productivity

net2phone's virtual PBX is based on the cloud. This means your teams can access all their work from any device using the centralized PBX system.

User-friendly Admin and User Portals:

Manage all communication systems settings using an intuitively designed admin portal. Individual users also have access to a limited number of settings via auser portal. These portals area ccessible even on the go, allowing updating of all account settings even when you're away from the office premises.

Call Recording:

All calls are recorded and stored for future reference. Review discussions to capture important details you might have missed

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