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Call Queues

Fine-tune your customer support and communication with Call Queues. Your business can become better organized to handle incoming calls with the call queue feature. This attribute places your callers in a virtual line until the next available support agent is ready to assist.


A systematic approach is essential to handle times when call volumes are higher than usual. The net2phone call queue feature helps achieve this by placing incoming calls in an organized virtual queue.

Customer Care

Agents don't even have to actively engage with the caller right away. The significance of each call can be acknowledged with the help of a call queue. Assuring customers that they will be tended to as soon as possible gives them a sense of importance and might even become a deciding factor when choosing your services.

Promotional Opportunity

net2phone allows you to play any audio file while customers are put on hold. If done correctly this can be the perfect opportunity to promote special offers, events, and even new services your business si launching.

Prevent Lost Sales

Call queues can significantly reduce the chance of losing a prospective client. A call put on hold is notably better than a call that is missed. This helps get back to your customer as soon as you can and try to win them back while they are still interested.