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Net2phone meets the communication demands of the fast-evolving the Auto industry

Keep your auto dealerships connected with net2phone’s cloud-based phone communication system. Net2phone’s modern Unified Communication tools are robust and feature-rich. Automobile dealerships can connect all customer, supply, and marketing channels using a single integrated platform.


Gain a Competitive Edge with net2phone’s powerful Unified Communications Services

Automobile dealerships have partnered with net2phone because the powerful communication platform offers features such as voice calling,video conferencing,text messaging,analytical dashboards and.more. Other major features include mobile apps and multiple integration options. Choose net2phone and transform your business communication systems into one powerful, seamless, platform that works any time anywhere.

Flexible Call Handling

Online Education

Receptionist Console:

A receptionists console works as a central call management tool. Large inbound call volumes can be easily set up to route specific calls to the right departments.

Smartphone App:

Customers can stay in touch with your sales team by using the smartphone apps. The app can also be used to send pictures and quick updates on spare parts availability. Teams within your dealership network remain connected on the go.

Convenient Call Queueing:

Let each caller know that they have connected with your business even if support/sales teams are busy.This sets the caller’s mind at ease and they are more likely to wait patiently. This way you never miss an opportunity for a potential sale or leave a customer without answering their support query.

Integration Set up and Management Tools

Standard CRM Integrations: The net2phone communication platform integrates seamlessly with major CRMs including Vinosolutions, Dealersocket, eLeads and others. Quick integration allows your dealership to easily manage customer records, calls, and collaborate effectively.

Call Transfer: Quickly route calls to the right people with extension dialing.

Data Analytics: Track inbound/outbound call volume by analyzing call logs. Staff performance, ROI, and advertising investments can also be tracked.

Paging Integrations: Stay connected with your supply chain and sales teams no matter where they are located on the dealership lot.

Improve Customer Satisfaction Metrics

Huddle Video Conferencing Platform: net2phone's video conferencing platform makes it easy to conduct virtual showings with customers and other remote appointments.

Website Chat Functionality: Interact with website visitors to quickly answer any queries they might have.

Voice Call Recording: Improve customer interaction quality by monitoring recorded calls. This feature also helps you ensure that all interactions with customers and between employees are captured. Recorded calls can also be utilized to train new employees and create training tutorials.